3Drag as a CNC milling machine: Creating G-Code via EAGLE software

To create a PCB with 3Drag , by milling , it is necessary to have the G-Code files  for the tracks patterning and for the holes relating to the printed circuit board itself. In this section we describe how to obtain these G-Code files  using a specific plugin for the popular PCB design software ” EAGLE “.

3Drag as a CNC milling machine Creating G-Code via EAGLE software

Note: This operation can be done only if the PCB you want was created with EAGLE .

The PCB- gcode plugin allows to create the G-code files for patterning the top copper tracks, bottom copper and also that relating to the drilling of the base created with the freeware program EAGLE . It also allows to define the extension of the file that must be exported ( .nc) so that it is compatible with Repetier -Host.

In succession we described here the  procedure to create a simple single-sided PCB by milling incision.

– The first operation is to download the software EAGLE  from CadSoft download by choosing the version for your operating system.

– Carry out EAGLE freeware installation launching the .exe file

– Download the PCB – gcode (version taken into consideration: ) from this web site  (you must have a  YAHOO account) or download from the dedicated forums .

– Unzip the folder and then copy the files in the ULP folder of EAGLE.

– Start EAGLE, click on File/Open/Board and select the file of the PCB that you want to create by milling .

For more detail:    3Drag as a CNC milling machine: Creating G-Code via EAGLE software

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