16F628A Microcontroller development board


This project is a versatile, configurable, and cost effective development board available for the 16F628A or other 18 PIN Microcontroller from Microchip. The board has simplest form with all the Port pins terminating in a Relimate connector (Header Connector) for easy connection to the outside world.

16F628A Microcontroller development boardSome of the key benefits of this Development board are :
1.    Well Marked ICSP connecter for easy programming to the MCU on Board.
2.    Pull up resistors for MCLR and RA4 Port pins on the PCB.
3.    Diode D1 helps against reverse polarity connection. at CN4.  Power On LED D2 displays Power on the PCB and the Voltage Regulator IC –U2 7805 ensures regulated power to the microprocessor and other devices connected to this board.
4.    All Port Pin Connector are capable of providing DC supply to the add on cards. Please ensure that you calculate your current requirement before sourcing this supply from this PCB. No short circuit protection is provided at these outputs.

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