10 Amp 400V DC Intelligent power module board has been designed using ON Semiconductors STK544UC62K. This Inverter IPM module includes the output stage of a 3-phase inverter, pre-drive circuits, bootstrap circuits, protection circuits, op-amp based current sense circuit, comparator circuit for fault/Over current output, Bus voltage output, onboard 5V DC regulator for op-amp circuit. This board can be used t ...

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Experimenting with a thermistor using PIC16F1937

Recently i won a bid for a batch of 10K thermistors. The only thing that i knew when i got them in my hand, was that those things are 10K thermistors. As far as i know, the 10K nominal resistance is at room temperature (25�C). But i had to find out if these are PTC or NTC, and also i had to draw their resistance to temperature characteristic line, otherwise they would be useless to me. So i ran some experim ...

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