Save 90% of LED power consumption with new types from company Kingbright

New, more efficient LED series from company Kingbright were recently introduced to you in our article Small but powerful LED series KP- 2012, where we presented you new stock types – red series SR-J4. Meanwhile we also enhanced our stock offer with green LED series (525nm) LED – ZGK as well as with yellow LED series – SYK. All these series have one feature in common – high efficiency, whch is praxis reflected in two aspects:

LED power consumption

● significantly higher luminous flux than standard types (at the same current)
or● significantly lower current necessary to reach the same brightness


For illustration we attach series of snapshots from the same device with two different green LEDs (various expositions at a common indoor lighting). In the left device, there´s a standard LED, in the right one the KP-3216ZGCK is used (compare only a green LED, red LEDs are the same). We believe, that these pictures say it all – the difference is really very big.

It´s necessary to mention, that because of a different technology of a chip, the operation (forward) voltage of the ZGK series is higher than at standard types, i.e. approx. 3.3V, 2V at a yellow series and and 2.2V at red series. As a value of brightness (cd) is dependent on a radiation angle, this value is at SMT types without optics always lower than for example at 5mm or 3mm THT LED.


For more detail: Save 90% of LED power consumption with new types from company Kingbright

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