While I was writing some tips to solve problems about Spectrum' keyboard, some guys asked me for the possibility of using a PC-keyboard coupled by adapter. One market solution was launched by 'Sintech', but isn't available the scheme nor the program used by inner microcontroler. This lack of information pushed me to do an innovating project: I would do the design, prototype, programming, debugging, etc. Thi ...

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RFID Car immobiliser with PIC12629

Ok, so there are heaps of immobilisers out there but with most of them, if someone has your keys, they have you car.  What good is a car alarm with 3+ point immobilisation if someone manages to get the keys and of course the alarm remote. This is a simple immobiliser based on a PIC12F629 and an ID-12 chip from innovations.  This can be built for about $50. Advantages: The ID-12 chip is/can be remotely mount ...

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How to interface RFID with PIC18F4550 Microcontroller

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification and Detection) is widely used everywhere from highly secured defense laboratories to school attendance system. By employing RFID, much secured entry systems can be developed without incurring huge costs. These are the reasons of excessive use of RFID technology. In this article, interfacing of an RFID reader module has been explained with PIC18F4550. The USART interrupt, ...

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