Power Pic RGB with Infrared remote control using PIC12F675

Power Pic RGB with Infrared remote controlis a circuit that generates colors using a RGB LED and can be controlled using any infrared remote controller capable compatible with the Sony® Sirc code.

This circuit is the third evolution of Pic RGB project [1] in which the goal was to control a RGB LED and randomly generate colors. This time the goal is to use a remote control to change the colors, either by choosing a specific color or by selecting an automatic color fading mode, in which the software will keep changing colors over the color spectrum!

Infrared remote control

Design and Implementation

Like the second second evolution, (Power Pic RGB), , this project is also designed to be placed inside a white globe and drive a 3W RGB LED. The globe is available at IKEA at a price of 9.90 euros [3].

The microcontroller continues to be one of the usual PIC 12F629 or 12F675, as in the previous Pic RGB projects. To receive the infrared signal a pin with the Interrupt on Change feature is required. The circuit is very  similar to Power PIC RGB with the addition of a TSOP1738 infra red receiver.

The infrared remote controller is a Universal Remote Control Unit model URC11C-9C bought at a chinese store for about 3 euros. It is configured to emit SIRC infrared codes for Sony TV sets. In this remote controller the configuration code is 001, but other remote controllers with SIRC encoding may be used instead. Just check their configuration sheet for Sony codes and try them.


The schematic is very similar to Power PicRGB with the addition of the infrared receiver.

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From left to right we have the power supply based on a 7805 5V 1A regulator, the microcontroller, on the right the three mosfets that will drive the LED and below the TSOP1738 to receive the infrared signals. Click the image to enlarge.

Each mosfet can drive a maximum 600mA through its drain but according to Prolight each LED (red, green and blue) can only sustain 300mA which makes this mosfet perfect for the job.

Summing the 3 LED currents we get 900mA not counting the current consumed by the 7805 and the PIC itself which should around  3 or 4 mA. The 7805 is able to supply 1A of current with a proper heatsink.

Schematic Infrared remote control

The TSOP1738 infrared receiver can be replaced with any model like TSOP1238, TSOP31238, SFH5110, etc. as long as the receiving frequency is between 38Khz and 40Khz. Ideally it should be 38Khz. R5 and C4 perform some filtering on the TSOP1738 supply voltage and R4 is a pull-up to maintain GP1 at 5V when no signal is being received.


For more detail: Power Pic RGB with Infrared remote control using PIC12F675

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