An LED Dice using a PIC 16F84 (or 16F88)

An LED Dice using a PIC 16F84 (or 16F88)

This is a re-print of a project that I made a number of years ago – I was trawling the web, and discovered that others had been making it, so I decided to put the detail here on – so that others can benefit.
Schematic LED Dice
Many Led Dice have been published in various forms over the years, using output methods including a 7 segment display to display the numbers 1 through 6, or having 6 individual LEDs or even having a Die shaped display.

All of these designs have been fairly complex in hardware, typically having at least 2 IC’s, 4 or so transistors, and many resistors and capacitors. Most have also been fairly current hungry, discharging a set of batteries in a short period if the device has been left on.

Using a single chip microprocessor allows us to implement 2 individual dice, using a single IC. In addition to this, we turn a hardware problem into a software problem. We can also add features that have previously not existed before, such as the ability to recall the last roll.

For more detail: An LED Dice using a PIC 16F84 (or 16F88)

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