TraId – Transistor type & pinout identifier

I’ve been a bit busy the last couple of weeks but I’ve now finished my 22’nd Project A Week. Maybe I have to change the name to PAAW instead (Project Almost A Week) ^_^

TraId is a really low cost version of the Part Ninja. It’s made to only identify the pinout and type (NPN/PNP) of a transistor and display the results on eight LEDs. Currently the firmware only handles BJTs but I think FETs should be possible as well.
Transistor type & pinout identifierTransistor type & pinout identifier
The board is using a 14 pin PIC16LF1503 (less than a dollar in singles) and runs on a single CR2032 battery. Just like the Part Ninja I’m using a 1K and a 300K resistor connected to each of the three transistor pins, putting out either 0 or 3 volts via the resistors and analyzing the resulting voltages using the PIC ADC.

The firmware, written in C, uses 1.3K of the available 2K so there’s room for some more additions and improvements down the road.

There’s no powerswitch on the board, the PIC simply goes into deep sleep after a while and is awakened by a press on the reset button.

All parts are thru hole for easy soldering if I decide to make this into a kit some day.

For more detail: TraId – Transistor type & pinout identifier

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