The Importance of Pictures to Marketing

As humans, we tend to love looking at pictures. We are attracted to eye-catching and beautiful visual input. It’s why the first thing people would look at is the picture, then the caption or content. After looking at the eye-catching visuals, we can focus on the information below. You may observe this by how you lingered on the picture above rather than the first words of this page.

The Importance of Pictures to Marketing

What is a picture’s importance to marketing? In Google search engines, the image content would show in the search results first due to the heavy image files. But naturally, using an image can reward you since it can positively influence the viewers of your webpage. It can also make up for mediocre content and thus improve the overall impression of the content and product.

They Encourage Engagement.

By using marketable pictures, you can increase engagement with your content. A picture is a need for every piece of content. Content with images has up to 40% more shares than content without images. People naturally want to share the pictures they see and see more of them.

After all, we humans use our vision to look at and perceive the world. It’s how we understand our society and the world around us. It’s how we make decisions and shape ourselves. As such, when target customers look at the picture you’ve used for your content, they would already be thinking about what they should do next: search for more content or purchase your product.

If you want to increase your engagement further, you can also send SMS through email. When customers first visit your site, a pop-up asks for their email address and mobile number to get announcements, updates on discounts, and many more. Engagement is crucial if you want to establish your brand further.

Another great example is using social media sites like Instagram to extend and attract customers that tend to use Instagram often. Here, you can create an aesthetically pleasing “Instagram feed” and increase your engagement further.

People Can Understand Content Intuitively.

As mentioned above, we humans learn from our surroundings. As such, we gained the experience and knowledge to understand the meaning behind images intuitively. So, when we see images, we can already get the gist of the content. It’s why many content creators would put their images at the first part of the page so that readers can easily understand their content.

They Can Evoke Emotions.

Images can evoke emotions. Thus, picking images for your content that can invoke emotions is essential. For example, you can use a dramatic landscape with a loving family in the picture to make it emotional and reflect your desired image.

An image like this can be about traveling outdoors, and it can encourage the reader to bring their family on the camping trip due to how sweet the family looked in the picture you’ve used.

But of course, you should also choose images that blend with the aesthetics of your website so that it won’t look out of place. By doing all this, you can ensure you impact your readers and the Google search engine.

It Makes an Impact.

Images create an impact on their viewers since they can evoke emotions. Due to this, it can stay in their memories. Your business can benefit from that since humans can pair images in their heads to your online content. Hopefully, those individuals who can use it in the future to search their brains for your content can purchase your product or services.

It Can Generate More Organic Visibility.

Creators develop new ways to improve technology daily, especially Google search! As this technology evolves, the way people search and interact improves. People would also know how to use their search tab to find the specific item they’re trying to find.

Usually, individuals would search depending on the intent of the search and the subject. Thus, content creators should be mindful of how their content would look on social media, search results, and of course, your webpages.

Using images can generate more organic visibility due to the compelling visuals. It’s why the click-through rates for content with images are higher than boring and plain text full of information.

Content with great visuals has a better chance than its competitors to be seen at the surface area and different search verticals.

It Can Grab Someone’s Attention.

Put yourself in the shoes of customers. While scrolling through a webpage without pictures, it might be hard for you to focus on the content. Average individuals tend to get bored or distracted when consuming content without pictures. If you want to grab someone’s attention, adding a picture when marketing your product is optimal.

Of course, ensure that the images you’re using are of top quality and relevant to the content. You wouldn’t want your target customers to get discouraged by a pixelated picture that has nothing to do with their search.

Final Thoughts

Think of pictures as your content’s superpower. It can grab readers’ attention, trigger emotions, stick to their memories, and increase engagement. It makes your content easy to identify and understand. Using marketable pictures can evoke emotions and thus impact target customers. Basically, it creates a great first impression on your target readers that can help you gain more traffic.

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