The need for larger memory storage for smartphones will never stop, especially with the continuous development of larger and stronger applications. This need is always pushing semiconductor manufacturers to keep trying to fit as much bits as possible in  smaller volumes and with lower costs. To achieve this, memory chips are now growing in three dimensions instead of two. Recently, Toshiba has developed a n ...

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48-layer V-NAND from Toshiba

Toshiba is sampling 3D NAND or V-NAND with 48 layers and a 2bit-per-cell architecture delivering a 128Gbit chip. Toshiba will start volume production of the chip at Fab2 at Yokkaichi which is currently under construction. V-NAND requires a unique tool-set. . The 48-layer device is aimed primarily at SSD. The more layers you can stack on a V-NAND die, the more cost-effective the technology is.The only people ...

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Toshiba launches 256-Gbit 48-layer 3-D NAND flash

Ready for sampling in September, Toshiba’s 48-layer BiCS (Bit Cost Scalable) flash memory stores 256 Gbits using a 3-D vertically stacked cell structure and 3-bit-per-cell triple-level cell technology. By employing this 48-layer vertical stacking process, BiCS flash surpasses the capacity of conventional 2-D NAND flash memory, where cells are arrayed in a planar direction on a silicon plane. BiCS also enhan ...

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