XMOS shipping hi res audio

XMOS shipping hi-res audio

XMOS is shipping its  xCORE-AUDIO processor family and sampling its Gigabit Ethernet enabled xCORE-200 multicore microcontroller family.  “There’s a big trend for much better audio content,” XMOS CEO Nigel Toon told EW, “there’s a backlash against MP3. They’re going to much higher quality helped by the fact that  you can now transfer big audio files. Sony is pushing […]

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High res cap meter with PIC 16F628

High res cap meter with PIC 16F628

High resolution capacitance meter measures in 0.01pF digits. Total range 0pF to 50uF. – 27th Jun 2011, Updated 25th may 2013. Another PIC based capacitance meter? Although there are a few PIC based “pico” capacitance meters on the internet this design has some advantages over the other designs I have seen; 1. It has very

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