Cloud computer powered by 2000 GPUs

Cloud computer powered by 2,000 GPUs

Three US companies are proposing to meet the growing data processing demands of cloud-based computing and online gaming by connecting up thousands of graphics processors in ‘supercomputers’. Graphics processor firm Nvidia is working with IDT and Orange Silicon Valley to develop a scalable, low-latency cluster of up to 2,000 Tegra K1 mobile processors. For connecting […]

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Peltier Powered Drink Cooler

Peltier-Powered Drink Cooler!

desktop-sized can cooler From the “Something that Should be Made Department” comes this drink cooler. Ever since seeing peltier devices for sale I have wanted to put one to a cool use, and this is it. 🙂 The heart of the device is of course the peltier module. photo is from ebay auction for my

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