Pimp My Rocket (Espresso Machine) Schematic

Pimp My Rocket (Espresso Machine)

Combining Coffee and Electronics – An Idea for a Project Having played around with fixed function logic ICs, such as the Johnson counter used in the Spindicator project, I was keen to move on and experiment with programmable microcontrollers. I decided to obtain and play with some PICAXE chips, as they looked like they would provide an …

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Pimp my Pong schematic

Pimp my Pong

I get wind of this Think Geek hacks contest, a week late, franticly, I hit thinkgeek.com looking for a easy kill, budget and ideas both turn up empty. What about that pong kit I bought from them ~2 years ago? … hm when i first got it, I wanted it to be more game console …

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