Display temperature on Graphic Liquid Crystal Display using PIC16F877A Microcontroller

Hello everybody welcome back . Today I'm gonna tell how you can display temperature with bar graph on Graphic LCD using PIC microcontroller . The project is very simple to understand if you have concept of Graphic LCD .The program in this project is written in C and Assembly level language &  the compiler used to write the C code is mikroC PRO for PIC V. 7.1.0 .You can download complete project (C and A ...

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How to Program a PIC Microcontroller to Build a Project

The recent trends in the advanced technology are helpful in developing most advanced electronic gadgets. Most of  these electronic devices are developed using microcontrollers. The microcontroller is an electronic component, which is programmed to perform various control operations. There are various kinds of microcontrollers available, such as 8051, AVR, ARM, and PIC microcontrollers, etc., which are progr ...

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