Virtual reality and Augmented reality became essential technologies these days. They have an important role in making products much exciting and entertaining, especially in education. Recently, Livit Studios announced its new augmented reality book series “Imagina Book“. Imagina Books is an educational book series that converts the classic and traditional book into an interactive and 3d visualized. It provi ...

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Learning Board for PIC12F683 Microchip

Introduction Electronics is my hobby. When I was in college I had some experience with microcontrollers; I did few projects with Atmel's AT89C51. Recently, I have grown interest on PIC microcontrollers, and I thought I should start with 8-pin microchips. I picked PIC12F683 microchip. This microcontroller fascinated me a lot because I wanted to see what we can do with an 8-pin microcontroller (out of which 2 ...

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Packt Free Learning Library

We’ve opened up our library to help you build your skills and knowledge! Get a new FREE eBook every single day! Every day Packt Publishing is giving away books for free to help teach new tech skills Packt Publishing will be throwing open the virtual doors of its new Free Learning Library and offering its customers a daily chance to grab a fresh free eBook from its website. The publisher is encouraging peopl ...

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