MMC/SD Card raw data read with PIC16F887 microcontroller

Interfacing MMC/SD card with PIC16F887 This small example shows how to read SD card raw data (bytes, sectors ...). SD card raw data means that there is no use of system files like FAT16 or FAT32. Serial monitor is used to display the data after reading it and here the UART protocol is used. the link below shows a small PIC16F887 MCU UART example: UART Example for PIC16F887 microcontroller using CCS PIC C co ...

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PIC12F675 external interrupt code and Proteus simulation

This post provides the external interrupt code for PIC12F675 microcontroller (e-g when you need to control servo motor which has position encoder, with your PIC microcontroller). As we know, PIC12F675 microcontroller has one GP2/INT pin, which can be used to service external interrupts. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads' se ...

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Blink LED with XC8 compiler using external Oscillator

In the simple tutorial we are going to blink few simple led with PIC18F microcontroller, using an external 20MHz crystal oscillator and the '__Delay ()' function of XC8 Compiler. Most of the previous tutorials here dealt with internal oscillator of pic18F4550 where mostly the delays were generated with simple for loops. However those who wish to directly use the default __delay function, it becomes an insta ...

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