Microcontroller controlled Home Entertainment System

This Instructable will take you on my journey to replace my old Netflix/Vudu Bluray player with a PC based entertainment station for my LCD projector. I wanted to be able to access and control Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Crackle, NBC, ABC, and the Weather Channel using only a simple remote control. Along the way, I'll give you the full details you need to replicate this project, but at the same time I'm going t ...

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The Personal Computer: Fast Becoming the Home Entertainment System of Choice

Its lifetime may not be quite over yet, but the humble television is facing some stiff competition from the computer, as the entertainment portal of choice. Widespread access to superfast broadband means that users are now able to stream films and television shows, download music and of course browse the net 24/7, from wherever they are in the home. Around 94% of homes in America are now online, and the tel ...

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