Oktopod Dev Kit for Your Robo ideas

Oktopod: Dev Kit for Your Robo-ideas!

What is Oktopod Studio? Oktopod Studio is a development platform for mechatronics, robotics and automation, which enables creating and controlling low voltage electronic devices, models and home applications /in an extremely simple way/. Oktopod Studio enables students to meet the practical problems of a technical nature and to solve them. If students through simple technical […]

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ESP8266 ESP 03 Dev Board

ESP8266 ESP-03 Dev Board

This is a small dev board I designed to make experimenting with and deploying the ESP8266 ESP-03 modules a bit easier. As well as breaking out all the pins to 2.54mm headers it has a position to fit either a DS18B20 temperature sensor or a DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor plus the required pull up resistor. It can

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