RGB LED ring clock

Hey, It’s been along time since I’ve posted. but I’ve been keeping busy with uni and working on some cool projects for the last year.



This is something I’d like to share with you guys, it’s not finished yet but the hardware is more or less complete. It is an RGB LED ring clock.

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The clock is comprised of 2 rings of 60 LEDs each. the LEDs are WS2812 parts, which include a built-in driver.

The PCB is one of the interesting parts of this clock. I designed the board in altium as a single 6 LED segment. and then left pads at each end to allow them to be soldered onto another segment.

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Using seeed’s 10pcs PCB program I was able to create the full ring.

Currently I am using a MSP-EXP430FR5739 board to drive it, using some very in-efficient assembly code that requires a 20MHz clock.

I’d like to optimise the code to use an internal SPI module? or timer to bring that clock speed down.

Hopefully also design a control segment with LEDs on one side that could replace one of the current segments in the ring.



For more detail: RGB LED ring clock

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