Printed circuit board manufacturer – JLCPCB Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to test the printed circuit boards (PCB) offered by JLCPCB. These tests were made in two different boards of the brand and here I’ll report my impressions about them.

Printed circuit board manufacturer – JLCPCB Review

Due to the spread of the maker culture and the do-it-yourself (DIY) and easy access to components and a huge amount of technical information available on Internet, it has become much simpler to develop a solution to a problem or just have fun soldering some components.

However, taking the design out of a breadboard (or universal board) and turning it into a PCB stills a big challenge, mainly due to the costs involved.

And  exactly at this point the services offered by JLCPCB make the difference, offering a high level service of PCB manufacturing with an  extremely competitive cost.

Requesting the production of PCBs is quite simple and there are two basic ways to do it. If you are developing within EasyEDA just click on “Gerber Output” and your gerber file will be generated and transferred directly to the JLCPCB system.

The system will automatically capture PCB informations like dimensions and number of layers.

The second way is useful if you already have the gerber files generated by some tool. Access, then click in “Quote now”.

In the next screen, add your gerber files. They need to be compressed in a single .rar or .zip. You can select the compressed file by clicking on “Add your gerber file” or just drag and dropping the file over the button. After the upload the a preview image will be showed and the basic characteristics of pcb will be preconfigured. By clicking in “Gerber view” is possible to visually inspect the gerber of pcb.

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