Printed circuit boards are an important part of electronic products and the ability to get them fabricated in time and at good quality and price, is key to ensuring the product stays on schedule with the time to market plans. The process of getting them done on time, and at the right quality, however, requires a PCB manufacturer with the tools, experience, and support required to deliver as specified. This requirement and the possible impact of failure makes the process of selecting a PCB manufacturing partner a very important and difficult task as there are tonnes of PCB manufacturing companies (including resellers posing as manufacturers) out there and the process of verifying them, can be tedious. To help with this, we review PCB manufacturers from time to time, and today, we will review one of the most formidable names in the PCB manufacturing Industry: PCBWay. We will cover their process, capacity, offerings/packages and every other thing we feel you may need to make decisions about their services.


Located at the heart of the World’s manufacturing capital; Shenzhen, PCBWay has been delivering high-quality complex PCBs using state of the art machines and equipment since its establishment over a decade ago. They have served as a reliable PCB Manufacturing partner for several small or large run projects across diverse sectors, from IoT and Smart devices to medical, Industrial and Open source/DIY communities.

Running one of the most equipped factories in the world, PCBWay makes different types of PCBs ranging from the regular FR4 PCBs to flexible PCBs, SMD stencils, and more advanced, high precision PCBs. They have the capacity to make up to 14 layers PCB (depending on the type of PCB) with different materials from FR4 to Aluminum. More information on their PCB capabilities and equipment specifications can be found on their service description page.

Being a domain leader who understands electronics manufacturing and the headaches involved, PCBWay also runs an In-house PCB Assembly service (PCBA), which ensures the project can be completed under one roof with fewer worries. The PCBA service specializes in prototyping and small-volume production, making them the ideal partner for the R&D stage of product development. The PCBA service also helps eliminate supply chain worries as PCBWay maintains a relationship with suppliers across the world, through which they get access to all types of components including the “hard-to-find” components. More information on the PCB Assembly service is available here.


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