Neurotransmitter” cables are used to connect presynaptic axon terminal outputs to postsynaptic dendrite inputs.
Blue = Inhibitory , Red = Excitatory .
The balance of excitatory and inhibitory input determines if the NeuroBytes fire an action potential or not.The cables plug in with the tab facing away from the board. To unplug, pinch the tab and pull.


Similar to real neurons, the closer the input is to the axon hillock (where the cell body turns into the axon), the bigger impact it has on the membrane potential.
These are the basic instructions needed to understand how NeuroBytes work. The best way to learn more is to experiment with them!

NeuroBytes can be tinkered with on their own to understand how neurons work, and can also used as a biologically-based platform for maker and tinkerer projects. The patellar tendon (“knee-jerk”) reflex is one example NeuroBytes can also be configured into central-pattern generator circuits that are found in most vertebrates (including humans) to produce repetitive motor output, like driving the wheels of a buggy

For more detail: NeuroBytes

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