Mentor’s Vista supports Altera SoC FPGAs

Altera’s SoC FPGAs are now supported by Mentor’s Vista virtual software platforms for embedded software development. Vista can be downloaded from Mentor’s site.

The Mentor Graphics Vista SoC virtual platforms are pre-built, fully functional simulation models of the ARM processor subsystems featured in each of Altera’s 28nm, 20nm, and 14nm SoC FPGA families. Software developers can use the Stratix 10 SoC virtual platform to start embedded software development and debug for the integrated 64-bit ARMv8-based processor subsystem well before first silicon availability.Mentor’s Vista supports Altera SoC FPGAsAdditionally, SoC virtual platforms simplify embedded software development and reduce the need for expensive hardware by enabling large development teams to perform application development and software regression testing in a virtual environment that models an Altera SoC FPGA.

“Virtual prototyping is a proven methodology for software development and providing our customers with a comprehensive set of SoC virtual platforms will greatly reduce their development time while slashing development costs,” sas Altera’s Joerg Bertholdt, “as a result, software developers leveraging any of our industry-leading SoC solutions can start their development earlier and maximise their design team productivity.”

These virtual platforms are comprised of an Instruction Set Simulator CPU model plus peripheral device models, delivered as a stand-alone binary executable which is downloaded, installed and run together with a pre-built Linux image on a host PC. In addition, a model of custom functions in the FPGA fabric can be linked to the virtual platform for system-level simulation. The virtual platforms support both bare-metal and Linux operating system environments and allow software execution and debug on multi-core configurations of Altera’s SoCs.

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For more detail: Mentor’s Vista supports Altera SoC FPGAs

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