Lumileds gets 400 lm from 4.8mm circle for MR16, GU10 bulbs

Lumileds is competing against multiple miniature LED packages with an device that emits 400lm from a 4.8mm diameter circle for spotlights.

“We are providing a high flux, high efficacy LED that improves the quality of light and avoids the ‘showerhead effect’ with distributed, multi-die solutions,” said product manager Ahmed Eweida.Lumileds gets 400 lm from 4.8mm circle for MR16, GU10 bulbsCalled Luxeon 5258, it comes in a 5.8 x 5.2mm surface-mount plastic package containing multiple die, wired in strings for 24V or 96V operation.

It will initially come in 2,700K and 3,000K (warm) white with a minimum CRI of 80.

Curiously for an LED intended for use in such small enclosures, the data sheet provided to Electronics Weekly has performance measured at 25°C. It says:

24V types provide 485 lm (typical, 2,700K, 160mA, 3.8W) and 121 lm/W.

96V types provide 445 lm (typical, 2,700K, 40mA, 3.8W) and 115 lm/W.

However, it also says: “Luxeon 5258 is hot-colour targeted to ensure that the LEDs are within colour target at application conditions of 85°C.”

85°C ANSI binning is within three-step or five-step MacAdam ellipses.

Max current is 240 and 60mA respectively, or 300 and 80mA pulsed.

“Both can be driven to deliver up to 650 lm,” said Lumileds.

The package has an isolated thermal pad, and viewing angle is ±-58° to 50% – 90% of light contained within a ±68°cone.


For more detail: Lumileds gets 400 lm from 4.8mm circle for MR16, GU10 bulbs

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