Lowest power magnetic switch uses nanoamps


Crocus Technology is a developer of ‘exotic’ magnetic technologies – spin electronics and Tunneling MagnetoResistance (TMR) – for devices such as magnetic sensors, where its technologies can offer greatly increased sensitivity for very low power usage.

The company is introducing its CT832 Digital Magnetic Switch, in the CT83X series, a multi- function switching device with high sensitivity, reliability and new lows in power consumption, that it positions as the industry’s lowest power consuming switch.


The solid-state magnetic switches provide higher reliability, faster frequency response, and extremely low power consumption in small form factor for battery powered applications. The CT83X has both a digital and analogue (proportional to field strength) output that serves multiple applications from a single switch with lower power consumption; when configured solely with a digital output it becomes the industry’s lowest power consuming switch with only 200 nA. It will operate with large air gaps and with fields a low as 3 mT (milli-Tesla). Packaging is SOT-23 or low-profile LGA, 1.4 x 1.4 mm.

“…[A] magnetic switch that combines the lowest power consumption with multiple functionalities to bring intelligence sensing to wide a variety of applications and systems, …across consumer goods, industrial applications, and IoT.” states Zak Deiri, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Crocus Technologies.

Approximately the size of a typical shunt resistor, the CT83X not only replaces it but provides added intelligence with enhanced switching and current monitoring capability. The CT83X either detects the magnetic field as generated by a permanent magnet or induced by a current-carrying conductor.

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