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1-click BOM is a browser extension that fills your shopping carts for you on sites like Digikey and Mouser, you simply paste from a spreadsheet or visit an online .tsv file. This way you can keep one bill of materials (BOM) that lets you and people you share the BOM with quickly purchase items from multiple retailers.

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Which retailers?

Currently supported retailers are:

  • Digikey
  • Mouser
  • Farnell/Element14
  • Newark
  • RS

Check the roadmap for more details on planned features.


Making a 1-click-BOM

You can copy and paste into the extension from a text editor or spread sheet program (LibreOffice, Excel). You must have a column for references, one for the quantity and at least one of: decription, part number or a retailer column. You can have multiple part number columns for specifying multiple possible manufacturer part numbers per schematic reference.

When saving files from your external editor/spreadsheet save them as tab-seperated values with a .tsv extension.

Here is a small example which is well suited for auto-completing:

References Qty Description Part Number
C1 1 1uF 0603 X5R
C2 1 10uF 0603 X5R
D1 1 1N4148WS
Q1 1 IRF7309PBF
R1 1 10k 0603
R2,R4 2 100k 0603
R3 1 300k 0603
SW1 1 TE Connectivity 4-1437565-1

You can find this and other examples in TSV format in the examples directory.

The examples are mostly in the format that the extension will output. Reading is less strict. Below are tables of title aliases 1-click-BOM recognizes. If you have any more suggestions please get in touch. (Capitalisation is ignored, characters within brackets, like(s), denote they are optional.)

References Quantity Description Part Number
ref(s) qty(s) comment(s) part(-)number(s)
reference(s) quantity(s) description(s) partnumber(s)
line-note(s) cmnt(s) part number(s)
line note(s) descr(s) m(/)f part(s)
manuf(.) part(s)
m(/)f part number(s)
manuf(.) part number(s)
manufacturer part(s)
manufacturer part number(s)
Digikey Mouser RS Newark Farnell
digi(-)key mouser rs newark farnell
rs(-)online fec
rs(-)delivers premier
radio( )spares element14
rs( )components

Loading an online BOM

If you visit a page that ends in .tsv and has data in the right format available 1clickBOM will show a blue badge and button with an arrow. Clicking the blue button will load the data into 1clickBOM.

1clickBOM, a browser extension for quick shopping – Firefox versionFor more detail:  1clickBOM, a browser extension for quick shopping – Firefox version

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