Industrial Small Engine Control

An industrial plant is designed with different control systems in which it varies according to the equipment to be controlled. This design is a general-purpose engine control system, which handles fueled or electrically supplied small engines of industrial plant. It features a 1.0A power relay control, 2.0A relay for fuel pump control, and a lamp driver. The system is also capable of start-up/shut-down control with power sequence logic. It has independent fault protection against surges and possible fluctuations.

Industrial Small Engine ControlThe design is comprised of a MC33814 engine control analog power IC, a USB to SPI dongle interface, and power conditioning circuitry. It drives the engine electrically or fueled through relays. It also drives the fuel injector that runs the equipment during fueled operation. All 5V VCC power required by the circuit is obtained from the MC33814 built-in power regulator. A 12V VBAT supply provides the power to the three internal voltage regulators. A PC communicates to this project through a USB/SPI dongle (KITUSBSPIDGLEVME) connected to the PC’s USB port. The Freescale SPIGen program provides the user interface to the MC33814 SPI port and allows the user to send commands to the IC and receive status from the IC.


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