Homemade Plotter (CNC Machine)

All parts were developed separately. This allowed adjustments in the assembly as well as smaller changes in case the design of one or other part become required.
Homemade Plotter (CNC Machine)
Focus on low cost and use of materials easily accessible in the local market.

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Screws and supporting rods made using 1/4 inch threaded steel bars. Very low cost and easily available in hardware stores. Of course, the threaded steel bars are not comparable to commercial screws but they are compatible with the purpose and expected low cost of the project.

Holders of bearings obtained by sawing up the corners of a plastic box. Difficult to obtain but easy to handle for both making the passages of the screws or making the hole where the bearings are packed. The bearings were mounted under pressure (fitting) without glue.

The bearings were bought in a junk shop at Timbiras Street (Santa Efigenia Area in São Paulo – Brazil). The threaded steel bars goes through the bearings without rolling off. Easy assembly and good precision supporting them. This solution saved much time and headache.

Without any pretension to achieve perfect alignment between the bar and the threaded shaft of the stepper motor, silicon tubes were used to connect them. The tubes absorb any shear stress due to the misalignment of the axes while guaranteeing a good rigidity in the transmission of the angular movement from the motor to the spindles.

Rectified steel bar withdrawal of an Epson printer. Unfortunately, the bar and bushings that support the print head were the only parts that could be harnessed from this scrap for this project.


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