Estone Technology is bringing the mobile power of Intel’s Apollo Lake processor platform and the easy integration of Power Over Ethernet technology to their latest embedded board. The new EMB-7610 from Estone Technology is a proprietary form factor board, 160mm x 90mm, designed especially for Digital Surveillance, In-Vehicle Electronics, Industrial Automation, Retail and Medical Technologies. Available Power Over Ethernet and Estone Tech’s proprietary 40-Pin Expansion header open up plenty of additional uses.

The fanless design is industrial rugged, and will operate in temperatures up to 140° F, up to 95% humidity. The board can be easily adapted to a variety of purposes with built in support for Windows 10, Windows 10 IoT, or Ubuntu Linux.


The EMB-7610 has been built around efficient Intel Celeron chips – available with either the Dual Core N3350 or Quad Core N3450. The chips natively support a wide variety of connectivity, and the EMB-7610 takes full advantage – featuring an RS-232/285 terminal block, an RS-232 header, two USB 2.0 Type A ports and four additional USB 2.0 headers, one MicroUSB 2.0 port, and four or more GPIO connections. Display connectivity via two I2C ports and an additional MIPI-CSI, and a powerful ALC662 Audio Codec supports up to 6W per audio channel.


24bit LVDS, eDP or MIPI, power, backlight controls, and touch panel interfaces for screens have all been located in a single FPC connector for easy developer integration with all types of industrial and touch panel PC applications. The Intel processor supports a MIPI-CSI input and MIPI-DSI output, integrated audio inputs and outputs, as well as up to 3 independent displays in sizes from 7” to 10.1” or more. An example of a panel PC built with the EMB-7610 board is already available from Estone Tech – the PPC-6710. Product designers and developers working on human speech and gestural interaction devices may find the board extremely beneficial.

Complete Product Specifications follow:

  • Processor – Intel Celeron N3350 or N3450
  • System Memory – 204-Pin SO-DIM DDR3L, Up to 8GB
  • Storage – m.2 2230 B-Key SATA Slot, SATA Port, MicroSD Slot
  • Display Options – 1x LVDS/eDP, 1x MIPI-DSI, 1x Micro-HDMI Port (Up to 1920×1200)
  • Expansion – 40-Pin Connector with PCIe, GPIO, Front Panel Control, PoE Input
  • I/O – 1x RS-232/485 Block, 1 x RS-232 Header, 2x USB 2.0 Type A, 4x USB 2.0 Header 1z MicroUSB 2.0, 4x GPIO, 2x I2C (for TP and MIPI CSI), 1x MIPI-CSI

Estone Technology is a technology company providing Tablet PCs, Panel PCs, Embedded Boards and other technology solutions, as well as OEM/ODM electronics design and manufacturing solutions. They support rugged industrial, medical IT, and other demanding vertical industries.

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