GIGABYTE delivers Cavium ARM-based server boards

GIGABYTE of Taiwan has produced a cache-coherent, dual socket ARM server board the MT70-HDO and its associated 2U rackmount the H270-T70.

Based on the Cavium ThunderX ARMv8 processor, they accelerate GIGABYTE’s recent efforts to bring ARM-based server products to market thereby opening new doors for scale-out server workloads.GIGABYTE delivers Cavium ARM-based server boardsDesigned for the 48 cores ARMv8 2.5GHz ThunderX processor, the MT70-HD0 is a dual socket motherboard built with the same half-width format used in the existing GIGABYTE 2U – 4 nodes blade servers and in the company’s Open Rack systems.

Each server node combines up to  96 cores with up to 1TB of high speed 2400MHz DDR4 memory, two 40Gb/s LAN ports directly controlled by the SoC processors, and full IPMI based remote board management capabilities.

Low SoC TDP combined with high end onboard memory and networking enables a platform with enormous potential for operators of core-intensive applications looking for uncompromised performance and significant power savings simultaneously.

The H270-T70 is a 2U – 4 nodes rackmount using one MT70-HD0 board per blade to house 384 ARMv8 cores in total. Built with a redundant power supply system and a fan-based cooling system serving the four nodes, the rackmount is built with a high efficiency thermal and energy design complementing the power saving aspect of the ThunderX processors.

With two different versions providing front and rear access to the nodes, this server is designed with the flexibility to deliver high-performance compute or balanced compute and storage acceleration for the most demanding applications in big data, large-scale web and virtualization domains.


For more detail: GIGABYTE delivers Cavium ARM-based server boards

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