ESP8266 Weather Widget

Welcome to my new Weather Widget Project.

A weather widget is a application that can be downloaded on your PC, laptop or a mobile device and perform the job of providing easy access to weather information.But I was always trying to make something different.So I go through the internet to get some ideas.After few days of my work, finally I made it.I am sharing this so that any one can make it easily.

ESP8266 Weather Widget

This is an ESP8266 based Weather Display unit which retrieve localized weather information from by WLAN and display it on a 128×64 OLED Display.

The Widget display following things

1. Current Time with Date

2. Current Day Weather Information like Temperature,Pressure,Humidity and Rain fall.

3. Future forecasting for 3 days

I would like to give credit to my friend Dani Eichhorn who did all of the programming parts.He is updating the software on his Github page regularly with new features.You can visit SquixTechBlog to see more projects on ESP8266.

Parts Required :

1. ESP8266 -01 (eBay )

2. Optional NodeMCU ESP8266-12 ( eBay )

3. OLED Display (eBay )

4. Voltage Regulator AMS1117 ( eBay )

5.Tactile Switch (eBay )

6.Slide Switch ( eBay )

7.Resistors ( 10K and 330R )

8.Female Double Row Straight Pin Header ( eBay )

9. Male Double Row Right Angle Pin Header ( eBay )

9.Jumper Wires ( eBay )

10.Prototype Board ( eBay )

Tools Required :

1. Soldering Iron

2.Wire Cutter

3.Wire Stripper



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