The BJT Transistor Theory

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The BJT Transistor Theory
circuit design in critical applications, you should consult a professional circuit designer!
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The very first TEDIE Book
Let me introduce to you my first
Book. What is a
Book you may ask.
Well, its a title or rather a category that I came up with in my effort to describe how this book, the
final version and the book with the practical examples will be composed. This is a pilot effort. If the
participation is enough and I get some interesting feedback, I will definitely use the
to write my next books.
stands for
Topic Evolution through Demands and Ideas of the Enthusiasts. And
here is how it will work. A first book (like this one) which is called β€œ
Kick Start
” will cover the
fundamental theoretical chapters of the topic that the book is about. This one for example covers the
basic chapters of transistor theory. Meanwhile, I will open a forum board exclusively for this book.
In this board all participants will be able to discuss the book, the chapters that it covers, and the
chapters that the upcoming β€œ
Pair Book
” will have. The β€œ
Pair Book
” will be a set of practical
examples to help the readers understand the topics of the β€œ
Kick Start
”. The β€œ
Pair Book
” will be
offered as PDF (just like the
Kick Start Book
) but all of the topics will also be shared on-line with
video tutorials and animations.
The chapters of the
Pair Book
will be decided throughout our conversations in the
Forum Board. Here are some potential thread discussions:
Add more theory to the
Kick Start
covering a certain subject/theory.
Errors and corrections on the books (everything is happily welcomed here)
Ideas for circuits and examples for further analysis
What an amateur and an absolute beginner wants to know
My job will be to collect and filter these demands. Then I will start posting the
requested circuits on my website with detailed analysis and references to the
Kick Start Book
. I
will prioritize the ones most frequently requested. Also, I will continuously improve the contents of
Kick Start Book
according to the demands and ideas of the participants.
This action will eventually come to an end. The
Kick Start Book
will have a decent
content in terms of quality and quantity. The
Pair Book
will have a wide variety of well-explained
circuits. The whole project will then be released as a final version. There will be a chapter
dedicated to the participants and their special offer.
Hopefully, if everything works well, I will start a new
Kick Start Book
with a different
subject that may have arise from the forum discussion!
For more detail: The BJT Transistor Theory

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