Analogue TV still huge for chip makers

The Si2178/58/48/38/28 is Silicon Labs’ fourth-generation hybrid TV tuner family supporting all worldwide terrestrial and cable TV standards. Requiring no external balun, SAW filters, wirewound inductors or LNAs, the Si21x8 offers the lowest-cost BOM for analog, digital and hybrid TV tuners, with or without a demodulator. Also included are an integrated power-on reset circuit and an option for single power supply operation.
As with prior generation Silicon Labs TV tuners, the Si21x8 maintains very high linearity and low noise to deliver superior picture quality and a higher number of received stations than other silicon tuners and discrete MOPLL-based tuners.


  • Worldwide TV tuner
    • Analog TV: NTSC, PAL/SECAM
    • Digital TV: ATSC/QAM, DVBT2/T/C2/C, ISDB-T/C, DTMB
    • 42-1002 MHz frequency range (Si2178/58/48/38)
  • Analog TV demodulator (Si2178/38)
    • Superior video SNR performance
    • Overmodulation and ICPM tolerant
  • Industry-leading margin to A/74, NorDig, DTG, ARIB, EN55020, OpenCable™
  • Lowest BOM for a TV tuner
    • No balun at RF input
    • Integrated tracking filters requiring no external inductors or SAW filters
    • Increased ESD protection
  • Best-in-class real-world reception
    • Exceeds MOPLL-based tuners
    • Lowest phase noise
    • High Wi-Fi and LTE immunity


Analogue TV still huge for chip makers

Silicon Labs showed continuing support for analogue TV standards, as it announced a family of hybrid TV tuners.

The family covers just about every combination of digital reception, analogue reception, and analogue demodulation – all in the same pin-compatible 4x4mm QFN-28.

“Although a few countries have successfully switched to digital-only broadcasts, more than 95% of today’s TVs must continue to support analogue broadcast reception,” said SiLabs. “In addition, analogue-only TVs prevalent in China, India and Southeast Asia represent about 20% of the global TV market. For these regions, analogue TV tuners often require a high tolerance to non-standard analogue TV signal conditions.

There is close competition in the TV tuner market between SiLabs, NXP, MaxLinear and Sony.


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