10 free PCB CAD programs

There’s nothing better than “free” when it comes to just about everything, even PCB software. Just because some software is more expensive doesn’t make it better than some of those free PCB packages found on the Internet. In this round up, we will take a look at some of the past popular platforms that are still consistently being supported and updated. One criteria… some sort of update has to be present on the software’s support website in the last two years.

10 free PCB CAD programs

First on our list comes from Mirko Bruno Sortini with his ZentiPCB platform, which features several freeware programs to help users design their own PCBs. ZentiCapture allows users to quickly and easily design schematics using an easy-feature tool set, which allows users to place parts (component symbols) using the orthogonal locking and snap to pin. Once the schematics (in netlist form) are finished, they can then be ported over to ZentiPCB.

ZentiPCB is a CAD-based program that allows users to import netlist files and visualize their schematics. The layout editor provides the ability to import components from a library as well as connecting the pins directly using the cursor, which can be single or double sided depending on the need.

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