IR Tracking Turret with PIC and C

This is a good learning project that is fun to build - I got a lot out of making it. I think this has been done quite a bit already, but I did not find a straightforward way of doing this with PICs. When I finally got it working, I thought I'd share it. It might be useful for someone that wants to learn or apply I2C, Interrupts and Callbacks, PWM, or Servo Control. Basic Functionality Detects and tracks an ...

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WiGPSFi – ESP8266 + GPS

If you love finding solutions that could widen horizons – that is something you will like! I wanted to know what my next ESP projects could connect to – and I decided to look for some open WiFis ….  That is the result after two days programming – and 45 min walking arround. Only for testing this technique – Don´t do this at home, please ?  In this blogpost, you can only read about finding and printing out m ...

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Tracking multiple and dynamic biometrics with a single chip.

eing able to monitor fitness in increasingly diverse and efficient ways is a major health priority. It is no longer acceptable simply to provide a range of different bio-sensors. Built with small form-factor devices in mind, Samsung Bio-Processor empowers users with a combination of fitness sensors and continues to perform well with low battery power.Fitness monitoring has become an important life choice fo ...

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