EAGLE: Panelizing made easy

Today I stumble across a neat/new feature in Eagle I haven’t seen before. Prolly in there since early versions 7, but at least it is present in version 7.5.0 (current version at writing is 7.7). Some PCB manufacturers will accept panelized PCB and you can save a few bucks by combining a few small designs into a larger design. This will save cost and the environment. Panelizing is done by machining a slot be ...

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Panelizing and Gerber Generation in Eagle

I have been working with Eagle for quite some time but never really got a PCB manufactured. almost all the time i used the toner transfer method to make homebrew PCBs. But then i took a project in which i had to use SMD components and i could no longer use toner transfer method because of the limits on resolution of the Laser printer. Time had come for “properly” designing and generating “Gerber files”. Whe ...

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