4 Channel 2 core twisted pair remote controller built using PT2262, PT2272-M4 IC from Princeton technology and MAX485 IC from Maxim. PT2262 is an Encoder (Transmitter), PT2272-M4 Decoder (Receiver) and MAX485 works as bridge for twisted pair communication between encoder and decoder. The receiver provides 4 channel Momentary outputs. All outputs are TTL level and can be interfaced with other circuits or rel ...

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1-Chip 4-Channel PIC16F886 Data Logger

This project has only a few modifications from the “Single Chip, Four Channel Datalogger” article by Dan Gravatt in the 2008 January Issue of Nuts&Volts (page 42), so I won’t go into much detail. Below is the schematic.  The changes from Dan’s datalogger are that I used the PIC16F886, which is pin-compatible with the PIC 16F876.  I also used the PIC’s hardware serial I/O channels (pins 17 and 18) and I ...

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