PIC 12F675 Programmable 12V Battery Monitor

Being an active outdoor guy, I have a few different types of 12V lights and a variety of battery types. - For flying RC planes and quadcopters at night, we use sealed lead acid batteries to power our club tables. - For fishing, I have a few 12V 2W led lights, powered by 2200mA, 3 cell LiPo batteries. - For camping, the tent and trailer lights are using 12V sealed lead acid batteries, and portable lights 220 ...

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DIY $1 PIC 12f675 JDM Programmer (Cheap and Easy)

Hi EveryBody i am Again Doing something. and it is with PIC's! Almost Everybody do not want a Big Arduino in their projects or to control a rgb led with Arduino uno? Enjoy Compressing your projects with PIC and Attiny too. but in this wwe will be making a PIC Programmer To Program 12f675 PIC. Here i am not sure that it works for other 8 pin PIC too.but for sure it will work for PIC 12f675. It is Really Chea ...

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PIC 12F675 Microcontroller Tutorial.

A tutorial on the 12F675 PIC microcontroller which shows you how to program and use it with a series of projects starting out with a simple LED flasher and progressing on to more advanced projects.To use the tutorial files you need to have a PIC programmer with an ICSP output connector and the components shown in each tutorial. You don't have to install the compiler as hex file is contained in the downloada ...

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