RWXBioFuge – Open source centrifugation machine


Centrifugation is a powerful method for isolation of compounds such as DNA, proteins, oil or membrane vesicles from a complex mixture. The RWXBioFuge was designed to bring this powerful tool into the hands of labtechnicans, scientists, hackers, makers, diybio-ers and those who cannot afford to procure A-label equipment in low-resource settings.

It may also be used as an educational project to teach some fundamental principles of physics, chemistry, biology and electronics hands-on. Apart from an assembly guide, this documentation also includes 7 instructions for demonstration experiments and science classes.

RWXBioFuge – Open source centrifugation machine

For assembly workshops or any questions, remarks or suggestions please contact [email protected]

This repository contains the code, source files and instructions for operating the RWXBioFuge Open Source microcentrifuge.

  • ArduinoCode: source code for the Arduino Ethernet
  • Rotor: OpenSCAD source code for the rotor, preview at YouMagine
  • Device: Bill of Materials, 3D model, 2D CAD files and Fritzing wiring
  • Docs: assembly and tutorial documents

The V0.1 machine is used in the Waag Society’s Open Wetlab and future improvements will be made during the Open Wetlab open evenings.


For more detail;  RWXBioFuge – Open source centrifugation machine

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