Dremel’s New 3D Printer


Start building in minutes! With easy to use software and a pre-installed extruder, setup is as simple as plugging in your printer and you’re ready to build.

Dremel’s New 3D Printer


It is easy to build objects with the Dremel on-board software and color touchscreen, which enables a preview of each model before you build. Additionally, the Dremel 3D Idea Builder comes equipped with a pre-installed extruder (the part where the filament comes out and builds your model), unlike other 3D printers that require you to install it yourself. This makes setup as simple as plugging in your printer, and you’re ready to build! Along with easy-to-use software, you can start turning your ideas into models and projects in minutes.


The fully enclosed workspace keeps out dust and prying fingers, stabilizes the temperature and reduces noise.


For more detail: Dremel’s New 3D Printer

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