Welcome to Juul School: 4 Crazy Juul Pods Myths Debunked

You’ve been thinking about quitting smoking for a while now. Then one holiday season you get sick and miss all of the festivities. You never want to go through that again so you’re considering switching to Juul Pods.

Welcome to Juul School 4 Crazy Juul Pods Myths Debunked

The thing is though, you’ve heard that they are as bad as the actual thing. This is a myth. They are in truth, a lot better for you than traditional cigarettes. This isn’t the only myth about Juul that’s been debunked.

To help you feel better about making the switch, here are a few of the most common myths surrounding Juul pods and why they

 01. It’s as Dangerous as Smoking

It’s a common misconception that nicotine is the part of the cigarette that is bad. Nicotine, though not entirely good because of its addictive qualities, isn’t what damages you. It’s the smoke, tar, and other chemicals found in cigarettes that do that.

Juul contains nicotine but not any of these other chemicals. This makes it no more dangerous than the caffeine in your coffee.

02. It Causes Cancer and Popcorn Lung

Popcorn lung is a condition that first appeared in employees working in popcorn factories. Hince the name. It’s thought to be caused by inhaling too much of the chemicals diacetyl and acetyl propionyl.

Both these chemicals can be found in standard vape liquids but not Juul pods. Furthermore, there is such a small amount of these chemicals in vape liquid that it’s not a big issue.

03. It Appeals to Kids 

Juul doesn’t try to make their products appealing to children at all. Their flavors are simple, their packaging sleek, and they’re expensive. A Juul starter kit alone is going to be way out of the budget for your average teen.

You could say you’re worried about them buying it from the site but Juul takes measures against this as well. The age verification on the website is advanced and only sells to you if you are over the age of 21.

Even if they get to the screen where they complete their purchase, you can’t do it with prepaid card or debit.

04. It’s Like Smoking an Entire Pack of Cigarettes

Yes, there is about as much nicotine in Juul pods as there is your standard pack of cigarettes. Most smokers don’t go through an entire pod at one time though. It takes hundreds of puffs to go through an entire pod.

It would take hours of smoking even if you’re dedicated to it. Most people aren’t though because again, they are expensive. You’re not going to want to burn through them that fast.

Juul Pod Myths Debunked 

If you’re hesitant to make the switch from cigarettes Juul pods because of all the bad things you’ve heard, don’t be. A lot of the myths surrounding the Juul pod are that. myths.

Feel free to go ahead and make the switch so you can get to a healthier you. Your body will thank you.

The tar from cigarettes probably isn’t the only awful thing you’re putting in your body. Visit the Diet & Nutrition section of our blog for tips on eating better.

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