LTC3643 2A Bidirectional Power Backup Supply

LTC3643 – 2A Bidirectional Power Backup Supply

Features Bidirectional Synchronous Boost Capacitor Charger/Buck Regulator for System Backup Wide Input Voltage Range: 3V to 17V Up to 40V Capacitor Voltage Storage for High Energy Backup 2A Maximum CAP Charge Current Integrated Power N-Channel MOSFETs (150mΩ Top and 75mΩ Bottom) Integrated Power N-Channel MOSFET for Output/CAP Disconnect (50mΩ) Input Current Limit During Charging Fast 1MHz Switching Frequency […]

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Breadboard Power Supply

Breadboard Power Supply

The Breadboard Power Supply includes AMS1117 – 5V voltage regulator and AMS1117–3.3V voltage Regulator, providing fixed supply voltages. It features three voltage input options: a screw terminal connector, DC adapter connector and USB connector. It can operate on 6-12V DC power supply and has separate screw terminals for 3.3V and 5V outputs. The AMS1117 series

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