Rainbow LED Chaser

I was bored this past sunday, and needed something to ease my racing brain … so I picked an easy project with lots of flash. The parts list: Eight Tri-Color or RGB leds … each led package contains three LEDs Three 74HC595 Shift Registers … serial load, latching. other varieties would probably work too. One Microcontroller … doesn’t matter what it is, I used a pic18f252 since it was handy. Twenty-Four Resist ...

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Build this microcontroller controlled rainbow flying disc – and then throw it!

Hello all and welcome to this super simple and inexpensive instructable. If you like throwing frisbees AND you like flashing lights AND you like night time - then this instructable is for you! Have you ever waved a light or torch around and found that it 'draws' lines in the air? What if that light was changing colour multiple times per second and then you waved it around? well you would end up with a 'stre ...

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