WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL for Raymarine ST4000 Autopilot using PIC16F628

I had designed a remote unit for my ST4000+ autopilot. It did prove out the concept and I used it a lot, but it sported an unsightly coil cord (and of course unsightly coil cords have no place on boats) so I decided to build a wireless remote. The system (handheld Tx unit and stationary Rx unit) is based on a pair of microcontrollers and a pair of 433MHz radios. The keypad/transmitter is on the left. It con ...

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Universal RC5/RC6 transceiver using PIC16F628

This project is an expansion from another project from this website. On the one side you can read the RC5, RC5X and RC6 codes from remote controls on a LCD and on the other hand you can send all thinkable RC5, RC5X and RC6 codes to a device. Besides is for this project a PCB layout drawed to make it still more easier for you. The IR receiver: When the TSOP1736 (IR receiver) receives an infrared (IR) signal ...

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