Frequency Counter by PIC16F628 schematic

Frequency Counter by PIC16F628

In this project we are building a basic and low cost frequency counter circuit . It can measure from 16Hz to 100Hz signals with a maximum amplitude of 15V. The sensitivity is high, the resolution is 0.01Hz. The input signal can be a sine, a square or a triangle waveform. The counter can be used …

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TIC TAC TOE game using PIC16F628

This project is not to introduce Tic Tac Toe. Everyone knows this game. It’s to introduce two features. Bi-coloured LEDs, microcontrollers and the skill of writing an ALGORITHM. You can use the project to learn the skills of creating the Tic Tac Toe program or create animations on the 3×3 display. Tic Tac Toe is …

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