Arduino powered temperature sensing RGB LED nightlight using PICaxe

About a year ago I started on a project to make a temperature controlled nightlight. I was inspired by seeing these lovely LED lamps styled as mushrooms growing out of pieces of wood. Those mushrooms were made out of glass, which was somewhat beyond my skills. However I then saw some had used translucent sculpey to make mushroom nightlights on instructables. So with that discovery it seemed like it would be ...

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Picaxe Blending Nightlight using pic12f683

I had a few multicolor LEDs laying around and wanted to whip up a color-blending nightlight. I built 2 devices, each in its own 20 pin DIP socket without soldering. A 3-pin header is included so I can reprogram the light on-the-fly if desired. On my first build, I used wire-wrap. The next one used multiple wires pushed into the socket. A bit more difficult, but no wire-wrapping or soldering necessary. Parts ...

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Trippy RGB Color Mixing NightLight

Project is based on A Trippy Crystal Nightlight by Charles Platt in Make magazine volume 25, see URL below for additional details. A fun and simple project to get started with PICAXE microcontrollers. http://www. In this version an inexpensive (> $2.50) AC USB charger provides a traditional plug-in-the-wall nightlight form factor.  I removed download circuitry from the main ci ...

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