Digital frequency meter using pic microcontroller

Digital frequency meter with LCD display  can be used to measure frequency of square wave. With little bit modification in this embedded systems project you can also measure frequency of sine wave. I will also discuss it at the end of this article.In this digital frequency meter PIC16F877A microcontroller is used to measure frequency with the help of external interrupt and 16 * 2 LCD is used for digital dis ...

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PIC-based Digital Voltmeter (DVM)

Introduction This project will describe how to make a simple digital voltmeter (DVM) using a PIC16F688 microcontroller. The range of this DVM is 0-20V, but you can easily increase or decrease the range of input voltage as your requirements after you understand the voltage scaling method described in this project. The PIC micro reads the input voltage through one of the 8 analog channels and convert it to a ...

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Voltage monitor for car’s battery and its charging system

My 2010 Equinox has got every feature that a modern automobile should have. However, one thing that I personally find missing is the real-time monitoring of voltage across the car’s battery terminals. This may not seem to be that important but one of the most common reasons for a car battery failure is the faulty charging system. If the charging system is not working properly, the battery will not get the p ...

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