Slave Flash Trigger

A Programmable Optical Slave Flash Trigger
for Digital Cameras with Processor PIC 12F675

Slave Flash Trigger

The synchronizer ensures a contact-free, optical synchronization of external photographic flashguns. The triggering of the external flash is derived from embedded flashes of a camera. It can be used for both digital and “analogous” cameras or for a remote synchronization of the actual flash units. Its use is optimal especially with digital cameras (DC), where extraordinary adaptability for different systems will stand out. It is capable of eliminating the effect of any measuring pre-flashes. The synchronizer thus perfectly fulfils the role of a device often called the Slave Flash Trigger (SFT). Thanks to an optical coupling, it enables safely to use even the oldest flashguns that could otherwise damage DC by high voltage ignition. The Slave Flash Trigger enables to place the external flashgun in the close proximity of DC, but thanks to high sensitivity the flashgun can be even tens of metres away from the camera, if needed. Having such sensitivity, the device is remarkable with high resistance against the effects of ambient lighting and the interference by varying light sources. Also, the operation outside under sunshine does not make problems for it thanks to an adaptation algorithm. Not a negligible advantage is the possibility of its simple and safe application with cameras to which otherwise the external flashguns cannot be connected at all.

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