Safe DC/DC Converter up to 1.5 A

The design of the circuit is a DC to DC converter. It supports up to 1.5A on VCORE. It features a DC/DC converter that provides power to MCUs. It also deals with the optimization of energy consumption by using DC/DC linear regulators and ultra-low-power saving modes. The model contains a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), an advanced functional safety measure that allows control and diagnostics with the MCUs.

Safe DC DC Converter up to 1.5 AThe KIT33907AEEVB and KIT33908AEEVB evaluation boards demonstrate the functionality of the SMARTMOS MC33907 and MC33908 power system basis chips, respectively. These ICs are equipped with an intelligent power management system including safety features targeting the latest ISO26262 automotive functional safety standard. The evaluation board is a standalone board that can be used either with a compatible microcontroller or with PC. In the latter case, it is necessary to use a KITUSBSPIDGLEVME accessory interface board. The MC33907 and the MC33908 are multi-output ICs with power supply and HSCAN transceiver. These devices have been designed specifically for automotive market. All features of thse two ICs are the same except that the MC33907 is designed to support up 800 mA on VCORE, while MC33908 will support up to 1.5A on VCORE.


For more detail: Safe DC/DC Converter up to 1.5 A

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