Do you need a radical solution of ventilation or cooling?

Radial (centrifugal) fans EBM Papst RadiCal series represent a top in efficiency, power and a silent operation

Do you need a radical solution of ventilation or cooling

Despite the fact, that basic fan types are known for decades, there´s still a space for improvement. A justification of this is a series of radial (centrifugal) fans RadiCal with backward curved blades from company EBM Papst. Thanks to a high-strength fiberglass reinforced compound, EBM Papst managed to design impeller and blades in respect to perfectly meet aerodynamic requirements for a high efficiency and a low noise. In principle, the biggest pressure build-up in these types is directly in the impeller, that´s why centrifugal fans aren´t sensitive to an exact housing shape near the air exhaust.

A big advantage is, that practically the whole RadiCal series is also available with top-level EC motors, which are in principle motors with permanent magnets with very low power consumption (up to 50% savings).

High quality material of blades and impeller is highly resistant to ageing and corrosion ( for example also to a salt water) and it´s UV resistant. The RadiCal series contains wide range of sizes from 133 to 630 mm. At sizes over 250mm there are even available types with possibility of control via RS485 – MODBUS RTU. Majority of types is available in a basic version, intended for insertion into a suitable holder/ housing or also with an integrated holder – support basket.

What does the RadiCal series brings briefly?:

● high efficiency

● extremely quiet running with optimized air flow

● substantially decreased rotation noise

● unmatched compactness

● robust design and maintenance-free operation

● meets ErP specifications


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