Largest OLED lighting installation

LG Chem has supplied 1,100 OLED reading lights to the KwanJeong Library at Seoul National University (SNU), claiming it to be the biggest OLED lighting installation yet.

“SNU adopted OLED lighting for the library’s reading lights because it is energy efficient and is comfortable to the eyes,” said the firm, claiming: “OLED lighting comes closest of any lighting source to natural sunlight and does not emit UV, which increases eye fatigue, or produces blue light, which can cause eye damage.”Largest OLED lighting installationThis said, the majority of lighting LEDs do not emit UV either, and conventional warm white LEDs do not have the large blue peak of conventional cool white LEDs.

The firm intends to market the reading lamps in March alongside its existing ‘Frame’ lamp.

The panels inside the lamps are 320 x 110mm and 0.88mm thick (2.2mm with aluminium housing, with an efficacy of 60lm/W and a predicted 40,000h lifetime.

A control allows dimming between 300lx and 850lx. “The standard brightness for a reading light ranges from 300lx to 600lx, according to the Korean standard illumination index,” said LG.

OLEDs, being area emitters, have long been mooted as the ideal replacement for fluorescent lighting panels in office ceilings. However, the technology has not developed as was one expected, and is so far proving expensive.

Meanwhile, the cost of conventional lighting LEDs has come down enough for luminaires based on these to replace fluorescent and incandescent lighting sources when both energy saving (against incandescent) and reduced maintenance (against fluorescent) are taken into account.


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